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Technical Review e-Book: How to use


1. Introduction

Honda Technical Review e-Books refer to an online library of technical papers operated by Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
This website makes available Honda Technical Review‒the technical journal issued biannually by Honda R&D‒for reading in the form of electronic books. The technical papers included in the journals are also available as PDF files downloadable by title.

2. Member registration

Member registration (free of charge) is required before viewing e-books and/or downloading PDF files. Register on the member registration page if you wish to use the service. Your membership allows you to view and read the e-books, and download the PDF files.

3. Paper search

All papers included in Honda Technical Review as posted on this website are available in full-text search. The papers that include words found through a free word search will be listed. Authors can be found through an initial search of authors, and will also be listed. Searches can be narrowed down by category, such as "motorcycle” or “automobile."

4. Reading e-books

Honda R&D Technical Review e-books can be viewed on a PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android.
Applicable web browsers are used to read the e-books through streaming from a server.
After logging into the website, select a desired issue from the list of covers of the Honda Technical Review journal, and then click the “view e-book” button to read it.

5. PDF files

Get Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is required for reading PDF files. Download it free of charge on the Adobe website.

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