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Technical Review e-Book: Terms and conditions of service


Using the Honda R&D Technical Review e-Book website

This website (hereinafter, the “website”) is operated by Honda R&D Co., Ltd. (”Honda R&D”) and its relevant subsidiaries.
Users of the website must read and agree to the following terms and conditions of service before using the website.

You may not use the Web Site if you cannot accept the terms and conditions.

1. Usage restrictions

All information posted on the website is the property of Honda R&D and its relevant subsidiaries that hold the copyrights, and is also protected by copyright laws, treaties, and other applicable laws of the relevant countries. The use of such information other than personal use by individuals or beyond the range approved by applicable copyright laws (governing reproduction, modification, distribution, etc.) is prohibited without obtaining the permission of Honda R&D in advance.  
Any act against the interests of, or inflicting damage on a third party or Honda R&D, any conduct in possible violation of public policy, and any use for commercial purposes are prohibited.

2. Use of trademarks

All trademarks, logos, and service marks used on the website are the property of Honda R&D and/or its affiliates. The trademarks are not licensed to the website users.
No trademarks and other proprietary marks indicated on the website may be reused or reproduced without obtaining prior permission.

3. Disclaimer

Users of the website are solely responsible for their use and reading of the materials. Honda R&D and the parties involved in creating and establishing the website shall not be held liable for any damage, whether direct or indirect, including any damage to a PC or network, or repair or any expenses caused by the access or use of the website.

4. Cookies

The pages on the website use cookie functions. Cookies are small data exchanged between the web server and browser. These data are not executable programs, and thus do not contain any programs or viruses. Cookies are generally used to recognize the settings of website use when the user revisits the website. This function is made available by setting the web browser to allow cookies. Users are responsible for managing the web browser settings. Note that some services may not be available when cookies are not accepted.

5. Access log

The website keeps records of user information in the form of an access log. The access logs are used for maintenance of the website and statistical analysis of its usage, but will not be used for any other purpose.

6. JavaScript 

The website uses JavaScript to make the website more convenient for users. We try to make the e-Books available even when JavaScript cannot be used or is turned off; however, some pages may be displayed unexpectedly when JavaScript is not used. Therefore, please allow JavaScript as much as possible when using the website.

7. Content guarantee

Honda R&D posts information on the website with the greatest care.  However, Honda R&D makes no guarantee that all the information is accurate, useful, reliable, serves the purpose of users, and safe (i.e., makes no errors, contains no computer viruses or other malware). Honda R&D shall therefore not be liable for any damage caused by using the website.

8. Linked websites

Honda R&D does not control the websites operated by a third party that are linked to or from the website (“linked websites”). Honda R&D shall therefore not be liable for any damage caused by any of the linked websites or the use thereof.

9. Changes in the content and/or terms of website use

Acknowledge in advance that the content and terms of using the website are subject to change, and that the products and services offered on the website are subject to postponement, cancelation, and termination without prior notice.