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Fingertip-size Six-axis Force and Moment Sensor Using Semiconductor Piezoresistance Effect

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.24 No.1


A compact six-axis force and moment sensor that can be mounted in a fingertip is proposed to enhance the holding function of robots.
Specifically, the sensor system uses the semiconductor piezoresistance effect to detect the six-axis force and moment with a silicon chip (hereafter, “chip”). In addition, a resistive element for temperature compensation is fabricated into the chip to stabilize the temperature characteristics. The structure combines the chip with a metallic stress attenuation mechanism, enabling prevention of the load applied to the sensor from damaging the chip. Accurate sensor characteristics are obtained by integrating the components using anodic bonding and precision integration.
A fingertip-size prototype sensor based on the above concepts realized a rated load of 30 N (moment: 30 Ncm). The output accuracy at the rated load was confirmed to be 2.4 %FS (FS = rated equivalent output), and the temperature characteristics accuracy in the zero load state was confirmed to be 0.19 %FS/°C (0 to 60°C).


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Author (organization or company)

Takeshi OHSATO(Fundamental Technology Research Center)、Nobuhiro SAKURAI(Fundamental Technology Research Center)、Yasuhiko JINBU(Fundamental Technology Research Center)、Shigenori YASUIE(Fundamental Technology Research Center)、Yusuke HIRABAYASHI(Fundamental Technology Research Center)、Hiroshi YOKOBAYASHI(Fundamental Technology Research Center)

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