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Development of New ASIMO – Realization of Autonomous Machine –

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.24 No.1


The new ASIMO was developed as a step toward the goal of achieving “a robot that coexists and cooperates with people and performs useful functions in society.” The purpose was to give it the capability to sense changes in the circumstances of real-life environments where people are present, to take autonomous action, and to continue acting. New multi-modal sensing technology, situation estimation and prediction technology, and autonomous behavior generation technology were developed, greatly advancing the robot’s ability to adapt to situations. The development of physical capabilities included a many-axis hand capable of independent control of five fingers and lightweight, highly responsive hardware with heightened agility to enable continuing operation in a mixed environment with people. In terms of human response functions, therefore, the robot became able to adapt to situations to work appropriately with people. In terms of walking functions, it became able to predict the movements of multiple people and cross their paths without stopping, as well as to maintain its balance even on irregularities or other changes in the road surface. In terms of work functions, it became able to hold an object with a stable grip and to manipulate things with its fingers.


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Author (organization or company)

Satoshi SHIGEMI(Fundamental Technology Research Center)、Koji KAWABE(Fundamental Technology Research Center)、Takahiro NAKAMURA(Fundamental Technology Research Center)

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