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Technical Review e-Book: Summary

Report of Field Test Results Using Electric Vehicle and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Prototypes

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.25 No.2


With the aim of realizing the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life, Honda intends to produce electricity from the sunlight and other forms of renewable energy, manufacture next-generation mobilities that use this electricity as energy, and provide these mobilities to users. As the first stage of these efforts, courses were set domestically in Kumamoto and Saitama Prefectures and overseas in Guangzhou City in the People’s Republic of China, and driving tests were performed. As a result of these tests, data of the actual electric vehicle driving range and actual plug-in hybrid vehicle all-electric range was obtained, and CO2 emissions and annual fuel cost reduction effects were confirmed. In addition, based on the results of these driving tests, the next stage of joint field tests with local governments was determined to be is feasible.


(1) Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China: http://www.most.gov.cn/tztg/200902/t20090211_67363.htm, (2009) (in Chinese)
(2) Agency for Natural Resources and Energy: Kihatsuyu hanbaigyousha suu oyobi kyuuyusho suu no suii (2012) (in Japanese)
(3) http://ev.gogo.gs

Author (organization or company)

Yoshitaka TAKASUKA(Automobile R&D Center)、Toru KIMURA(Automobile R&D Center)、Junya TUNEISHI(Automobile R&D Center)、Akihito OHTSU(Automobile R&D Center)、Naoki FUJIHARA(Automobile R&D Center)、Yoshiko TAKAHASHI(Automobile R&D Center)

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