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Development of Charging System for FIT EV

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.25 No.1


A high-efficiency plug-in charging system has been developed for the FIT EV.
The goal of development of the system was to promote the more widespread use of EV. The development was conducted in order to increase the user-friendliness of EV with the aim of offering rapid, high-efficiency, and safe charging. The rapid charging was realized by setting the power of the on-board charger to maximize the capacity of the power distribution equipment employed in the Japanese and U.S. charging environments and expanding the range of the constant power charging control that maximizes the charger’s performance. In addition, the minimization of the operating time of the charger has made it possible to realize high-efficiency charging. As a result, the developed system has realized the target of a minimum charging time of within three hours.
With regard to safe charging, the system employs protection against abnormal excess heat produced as a result of greater deterioration of the charge connector terminals under the conditions of use of the system than initially projected. The optimal positions for the charge lids were determined based on studies of the garages in users’ homes and public charging stations.


(1) Ogura, M., Suzuki, S., Matsumoto, K.: Introduction of Electric Vehicle “HONDA EV PLUS,” HONDA R&D Technical Review, Vol. 9, p. 1-10

Author (organization or company)

Tomoatsu MURAKAMI(Automobile R&D Center)、Hakaru SADANO(Automobile R&D Center)

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