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Technical Review e-Book: Summary

Development of High Fatigue Strength Ultra-Fine Grained Stainless Steel for Cylinder Head Gasket

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.12 No.1


Fatigue testing of metallic cylinder head gaskets has shown that there is a performance discrepancy between the original sheet material and the manufactured gasket. It was determined that this discrepancy was caused by the grain boundary cracking that occurs during head forming. Therefore, an improved austenitic stainless spring steel possessing high fatigue strength was developed to improve gasket performance. This new steel features a grain-refined structure achieved by controlling recrystallization with reverse transformation.
The developed steel has a composite structure consisting of a rolling induced martensite structure and a recrystallized austenitic structure by reverse transformation having an average grain size kept to within 1 ~ 2 μm. When this material is applied to a cylinder head gasket, fatigue strength is increased 30% and there is no loss of combustion gas sealing performance.


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Author (organization or company)

Takashi KATSURAI(Tochigi R&D Center)

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