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Technical Review e-Book: Summary

Enhancements in Vehicle Stability and Steerability with Slip Control

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.13 No.1


To enhance both vehicle stability and steerability, vehicle dynamic parameters such as vehicle side slip angle, road friction coefficient, and tire side forces were precisely estimated in real time; and, utilizing four wheel slip control, a logic for optimizing vehicle dynamics was formulated. Tests on ice-and snow-covered roads demonstrated the effectiveness of the control, and confirmed the validity of the logic.


(1) Yutaka Horiuchi, et al: VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist), Automobile Technology, May Vol. 47, No. 7 (1998), p. 36 – 43.

Author (organization or company)

Keiyu KIN(Tochigi R&D Center)、Osamu YANO(Tochigi R&D Center)、Hiroyuki URABE(Tochigi R&D Center)

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