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Technical Review e-Book: Summary

Development of Gear Train Behavioral Analysis Technologies Considered Nonlinear Elements

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.14 No.1


It has been identified that the rotation behavior of gears is influenced by housing deformation, radial clearance, tooth elastic deformation, etc., in the modeling process of the behavior calculation model of a gear train in motorcycle engines. To maintain a high level of accuracy, influence factors were converted to the stiffness components in the rotational direction, and were built in the rotational transfer model of the gear train. Furthermore, a behavior calculation model of a crankshaft was combined as a drive excitation source of the behavior calculation model of gear train. Time domain numerical integration method was used for calculation of the transient response that changes widely by engine speed change. A jump phenomenon of response behavior of the driven gear was predicted that is a characteristic of a non-linear response. The calculation result accuracy was confirmed through correlation with an actual test engine. It was understood that this behavior calculation of gear trains could be used as a technological tool for engine development.


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(2) Tadashi NIINO, Tatsuya IWAMOTO, Shingo UEDA: Establishment of Dynamic Motion Simulation Technologies of Crankshaft used in Motorcycle Engine. Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc., Arts and Sciences Lecture, Proceedings, No. 146 (2000)

Author (organization or company)

Shingo UEDA(Asaka R&D Center)、Tatsuo SUZUKI(Asaka R&D Center)、Mitsuyoshi KAMIYA(Asaka R&D Center)、Tadashi NIINO(Asaka R&D Center)

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