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Technical Review e-Book: Summary

Development of Honda Precrash Safety Technology

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.16 No.2


In the field of collision safety, conspicuous progress has been made in recent years in occupant restraint devices. Collision avoidance and injury mitigation technologies are also developing rapidly. Various proposals have been made for next-generation systems combining collision avoidance technologies with injury mitigation and occupant restraint technologies. This paper introduces a first step in this direction, the Honda precrash safety technology employed in the Inspire.


(1) Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis (ITARDA): Traffic statistics 1997
(2) Signal: Signal, No. 296 (1997)
(3) Fujita. Y., et. al.: Radar Brake System, JSAE Congress Proceedings, No. 186, 9437845 (1994)

Author (organization or company)

Koichi KAMIJI(Tochigi R&D Center)、Kenji KODAKA(Tochigi R&D Center)、Hiroshi AKABA(Tochigi R&D Center)

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