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Technical Review e-Book: Summary

Introduction of Micro Combined Heat and Power Generation Unit for Residential Use

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.15 No.1


Micro-cogeneration units (MCHP1.0) for residential use have been developed. These units produce both hot water and electricity. This process is carried out in an extremely efficient manner. By fueling the system with clean burning natural gas, carbon-dioxide emissions can be further reduced. Power line from those units can be connected to the electricity grid. Honda MCHP1.0 has reached 85% (LHV) of total energy efficiency, 380mm width of enclosure and 46dB(A)/1m of operating noise level by advanced small engine technology and inverter generator technology accumulated in Honda power equipment business. These units are the smallest ones as commercialized cogeneration units.


(1) Kotani, Y., Shinogi, Y., Nakada, Y., Nakagawa, Y.: Interconnection Technology for Engine Generators, Honda R&D Technical Review vol. 15, p. 145-150 (2003).

Author (organization or company)

Toshimitsu TAKAISHI(Asakahigashi R&D Center)、Masato ARA(Asakahigashi R&D Center)、Kazuhiro TOGAWA(Asakahigashi R&D Center)

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