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Technical Review e-Book: Summary

Development of Low-profile Fuel Tank System and Zero Leak Valve for North American Market

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.22 No.2


In the North American market, the US Honda Odyssey is commonly regarded as the "King of Minivans" because of the great value it provides to customers. Among other things, its low-flat floor packaging offers significant value, and the fuel tank system packaged under the floor greatly contributes to securing sufficient cabin space and making the low floor possible.
For the development of the fourth generation Odyssey, which applies an exclusive platform for the North American market, the underfloor platform was carried over from the previous model. However, the overall fuel tank system design was changed to further improve its reliability and reduce cost.
Specifically, fuel leakage was successfully eliminated by using a 2-vent system located on the top of the tank that consists of a Vent Shut Float (VSF), which detects when the fuel tank is full, and a Rollover Valve (ROV), which allows th e tank to vent when the VSF is closed. As a result, the liquid-vapor separation device that was applied to the previous model to address this issue could be removed, thereby simplifying the low-profile tank vent system.

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