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Development of Low-cost Material for Engine Exhaust Valve Seat

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.17 No.1


A low-cost material for engine exhaust valve seats has been developed with the aim of a positive use of an oxide layer. A cost reduction of more than 40% has been attained while maintaining the same or better anti-wear characteristics and machinability as current materials by the optimum designation of density, the optimum addition of secondary hard particles and the special consideration given to the basic iron powder shape for microscopic vacancy without using a special molding method such as repressing and resintering (2P2S), copper infiltration, resin impregnation, nor using a high cost material such as Cr-Mo-Co, Co, or Ni powder to improve the generation of an oxide layer.


(1) Takahashi, T., Kakiuchi, A., Sato, K., Sato, K., Tominga, K.: Development of Exhaust Valve Seat Insert Material for High Performance Engines, SETC Paper 20024310/2002-32-1817

Author (organization or company)

Hiroyuki OKETANI(Asaka R&D Center)、Ryushi TSUBOTA(Asaka R&D Center)、Masao ISHIDA(Asaka R&D Center)

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