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Development of Aluminum Alloy Rear-wheel Hub with Lightweight and High Strength for Off Road Motorcycles

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.17 No.1


A rear-wheel hub with lightweight and high strength that satisfies the needs for motocross riding and contributes considerably to the vehicle mass reduction has been developed. To reduce material, a hollow structure is used in the thick section of the flange on the sprocket side of the wheel hub, which transmits driving force. The thin-wall design is employed in the straight, cylindrical section of the hub. To maintain necessary strength of the structural part, the die-casting method, which is most suitable for a thin-wall product, is applied. With regard to the casting, the inner structure quality is ensured by applying a molten metal treatment, reducing the amount of gas by evacuating the cavity and providing a squeezing function after plunger ejection. As for the material, an Al-Si-Mg alloy is employed and T5 heat treatment is applied. Thus, the yield strength is improved by 27% and the tensile strength is increased by 30% compared to the conventional material.


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Author (organization or company)

Masaki AGATA(Asaka R&D Center)、Mikio UCHIYAMA(Asaka R&D Center)、Yasuki ITO(Asaka R&D Center)、Kyo TAKAHASHI(Asaka R&D Center)

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