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Prediction of Temperature Dependence of Braking Distance through Bench Test

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.17 No.1


The temperature of the road surface is known to affect vehicle braking distance. This study demonstrated that the variation in wet braking distance with road temperature is significantly affected by the viscoelastic properties of the tread rubber of the tires. On the basis of this relation, a method of bench testing the viscoelastic properties of tires has been developed which enables the prediction of braking distance for a wide range of road temperatures.


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(3) Muraoka, K.: Viscoelastic Properties of Rubber Compounds for Tire Application, Journal of The Society of Rubber Industry, 74, p. 6 (2000) (in Japanese)

Author (organization or company)

Ayao KAWAKAMI(Tochigi R&D Center)、Hiroyuki HASE(Tochigi R&D Center)、Tetsuya MIZONE(Tochigi R&D Center)

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