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Technology for Updating Digital Map Using Differential Data

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.19 No.2


In recent years, the increase in performance of car navigation systems has led to a corresponding increase in the size of the map data, which in turn has led to the use of a hard disk drive (HDD) as the data storage medium.
Map data should be regularly updated to include newly constructed roads, facilities, and the like. Currently, this updating procedure is facilitated through removal of the HDD; hence, the navigation system cannot be used during the process.
Now, by employing a new data storage structure, a simple, convenient, and quick method has been developed to update the data without removing the HDD.


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Author (organization or company)

Masayuki ARAI(Automobile R&D Center)、Keizo YAMANAKA(Automobile R&D Center)、Toshihide YOFU(Automobile R&D Center)

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