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Styling Design of CBR250R

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.23 No.2


The CBR250R was developed as a top-end model for the rapidly growing motorcycle markets of Southeast Asia and India and an entry-level model for the mature markets of Japan, North America and Europe. This development was undertaken under the banner of offering more customers one of motorcycling's attractions, namely the "joy of driving." The model has been launched in 22 countries as a motorcycle with a "sporty full-fairing exterior," the "joy of operating" and a "reasonable price."
With a model concept during development of "sports quarter for one world," design proceeded on several fronts, including concept and determination of specifications. The purpose was to develop a package that is lightweight, compact and easy to handle so that sporty cruising is enjoyable, and to do it all with globally common styling at a reasonable price.
Carrying on the styling theme of "mass concentrate proportion" that underlies Honda's sport motorcycles, designers from Japan, Europe and Asia discussed the styling that evolves to fit the times, and working together, they created such a styling.


(1) Kishi, T.: Styling Design of VFR1200F, Honda R&D Technical Review, October, 2010, P. 15-19

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Omi IIDA(Motorcycle R&D Center)

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