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PDU for FCX Clarity

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.21 No.1


A Power Drive Unit (PDU) has been developed for the 2009 model year FCX Clarity that conforms to the “Dynamic Full-cabin Sedan” concept established for the vehicle.
In previous models, the PDU and the driving motor were mounted separately and were connected by exposed, waterproof high-voltage shielded cables for the distribution of electric power. The newly developed PDU has been integrated with the driving motor, and the three-phase power lines are connected internally. The new configuration was enabled by the use of FEM simulations in order to develop measures to counteract wobbling, the use of vibration tracking analysis to counteract motor vibration, the employment of cooling terminals to reduce heat transfer, and the adjustment of the level of electrostatic coupling between the control circuits and the PDU case in order to reduce electrical noise.
In addition, the size of the PDU itself has been reduced by the miniaturization of components and the use of a high-density layout.
As a result of the measures indicated above, the height of the PDU and the driving motor in the motor room has been reduced by 240 mm. This has contributed to the realization of the body design concept of the 2009 model year FCX Clarity.


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Shinichi ARAKAWA(Automobile R&D Center)、Hiromichi NAKAMURA(Automobile R&D Center)、Tomoya YAMAGISHI(Automobile R&D Center)

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