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Technical Review e-Book: Summary

Development of 2 kW Class Electric Power Unit eGX

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.34 No.1


The general-purpose GX series engines are installed in a broad range of work machines, serving as power sources for small construction machinery such as tamping rammers and plate compactors. Now, Honda has developed the eGX, a 2-kW-class zero-emission (zero emissions of HC/NOx air pollutants and CO2 greenhouse gas) electric power unit that can replace these engines. The eGX comes in integrated types and separated types, configured for differing work machine mounting conditions and usage environments. Of these, the integrated type was made for replaceability with engines of the same power band. The body size, the shape of the output shaft connected to the work machine, and other aspects are designed for replaceability with the GX engines. Since durability is important for the motor, vibration resistance of 150 m/s2 or more was attained through the rotor shaft support structure and stator connecting structure. Fretting abrasion countermeasures were also implemented. In addition, a sealed motor case was used to provide the water and dust protection required on construction sites, and cooling sufficient for continuous operation at the rated output of 1.6 kW was attained with the use of inside and outside fans.


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Author (organization or company)

Fumiyoshi KANBARA(Life Creation Center)、Shunsuke SAWASAKI(Life Creation Center)、Yoshihiko YAMAGISHI(Life Creation Center)、Naoki MATSUNAGA(Life Creation Center)