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Technical Review e-Book: Summary

Development of 2020 H’ness CB350

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.34 No.1


In India since the mid-2010s, middle and large size motorcycles are becoming popular and being enjoyed as a hobby, causing the market of such motorcycles to grow. This development is targeted at such a motorcycle that fills a wide variety of needs from daily use to long tours. In this newly developed model H’ness CB350, the chassis is designed for an upright riding position and a moderate steering response as well as ensuring stability and easy handling. The engine thumps to characterize strength. Another modern convenience is the connectivity that allows stress-free use of smartphone.


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Kanta YAMAMOTO(Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)、Hidetoshi WAKASA(Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)、Takamasa IGUCHI(Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)、Takuya OSANAI(Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)、Shintaro TESHIMA(Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)、Takeyuki KARIYASU(Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)