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Technical Review e-Book: Summary

Reduction of Internal Resistance in High Capacity Lithium-ion Batteries with 3D Lattice-structured Electrode

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.33 No.1


After applying a 3D metal lattice structure to the current collectors, enhancements to the cathode were examined in small cells, and an increase in volumetric energy density was demonstrated in laminated cells, with the goal of increasing the energy density of lithium-ion batteries.
Countermeasures were implemented to address two issues with the cathodes of small cells. The efficacy of these measures was confirmed, and the causal factors were cataloged. The first issue is enhancing the contact between the collectors and the active materials. This was addressed by coating the surface of the collectors with conductive carbon. The second issue is enhancing the creation of electron-conductive paths. This was addressed by applying a fine particle conductive agent in the form of a liquid dispersant. The results confirmed that each of these countermeasures had the effect of suppressing resistance and enhancing durability. Moreover, to ascertain the primary cause of these effects, the conductivity of the active material was evaluated using scanning probe microscopy (SPM). The results showed that it is because the countermeasures are suppressing the interruption of electron-conductive paths.
Increasing the thickness of the electrodes in laminated cells reduced the number of electrode layers, and resulted in a 9.8% increase in energy density of cell elements for a cell using 3D lattice-structured electrodes (674 Wh/L), compared with a cell using foil-coated electrodes (614 Wh/L).


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Kiyoshi TANAAMI(Innovative Research Excellence)、Toshimitsu TANAKA(Innovative Research Excellence)、Yuji ISOGAI(Innovative Research Excellence)、Shintaro AOYAGI(Innovative Research Excellence Power Unit & Energy )、Akihisa HOSOE(Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.)、Hiroshi TAKEBAYASHI(Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.)、Kazuki OKUNO(Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.)、Takuma YAMAMOTO(Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.)