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GPS Safety Monitoring System for Takasu Proving Ground

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.21 No.2


A GPS safety monitoring system that uses receiving stations to receive GPS position data, transmitted by vehicles on a test course, has been developed. Data processing by computer enables real time display of vehicle status on monitor screens. At the same time, the system uses vehicle data to judge whether an accident has occurred, specify the location of the accident, and send out an emergency alarm. Honda’s Takasu Proving Ground covers a large area of undulating ground, making direct monitoring by camera a challenge. A monitoring system based on transponders and sensors embedded in test courses has therefore been utilized in the proving ground. The number of Takasu test courses has recently been increased, and there have also been increases in the number of vehicles using the courses, bringing the former system to its functional limits. The monitoring system discussed in this paper was therefore introduced. This has enabled monitoring of the entire area of the Takasu Proving Ground, including connecting roads. The new system has increased the safety of the courses and done away with the necessity for inspection tours. The initial cost of introducing the system was one-tenth of the projected cost of extending the previous system

Author (organization or company)

Eiji KARASAKI(PG Operations Division)、Masato TAKIKAWA(PG Operations Division)、Hitoshi FUJII(PG Operations Division)、Takekatsu MATSUKURA(PG Operations Division)、Hisahiro KOMORI(PG Operations Division)、Yoshikazu TSUBAKI(PG Operations Division)、Kouichi TAKEUCHI(Standard Co. Ltd.)

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