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Technical Review e-Book: Summary

3D-structured Cathode Electrode for High Capacity Lithium-ion Battery

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.32 No.2


A study was made of 3D structuring applied to electrode collectors for the purpose of heightening lithium-ion battery performance.
It was confirmed that loading, which is the electrolyte composite coating amount per unit area, could be increased to 150 mg/cm2 on the cathode. The results from the calculation of energy density when that electrode was applied clearly showed that energy density could be increased 10% with respect to the foil-coated cathode.
The results from comparison of the foil-coated cathode and 3D-structured cathode with the cathode loading fixed at 90 mg/cm2 confirmed that increasing the contact area of the active material and the collector can reduce the initial resistance by 17% with respect to the foil-coated cathode. It was also confirmed that, while the resistance increase during cycle testing was 149% for the foil-coated cathode, this amount was held to 29% for the 3D-structured cathode because of the suppression of structural change.
It was verified that application of the 3D-structured cathode in a lithium-ion battery could achieve a balance between enhancing energy density and addressing the issue of suppressing the increase in resistance and the decrease in durability.


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Author (organization or company)

Kiyoshi TANAAMI(Innovative Research Excellence)、Yuji ISOGAI(Innovative Research Excellence)、Shintaro AOYAGI(Innovative Research Excellence Power Unit & Energy)、Kazuki OKUNO(Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.)、Hiroshi TAKEBAYASHI(Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.)、Kikuo SENOO(Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.)、Akihisa HOSOE(Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.)

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