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Technical Review e-Book: Summary

Development of Electronically-controlled Suspension System for 2020 CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.32 No.2


The Honda Africa Twin is a full-scale adventure model featuring off-road and touring capabilities. As a 2020-year model, we have developed the CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES equipped with the new electronically-controlled suspension. Four suspension modes (HARD, MID, SOFT, OFFROAD) are provided to help ensure optimum performance in the wide variety of usage from high-speed long touring with a passenger and/or luggage up to challenging off-road riding. The riding modes are designated taking into account such five parameters as the engine power, the engine brake, the clutch characteristics (DCT model only), and the ABS characteristics in addition to the suspension modes. The rider can select any mode from the handlebar switch even when riding to adjust the motorcycle characteristics to best-suit his/her desire depending on the situation and vehicle conditions.


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Author (organization or company)

Hiroshi OKAMURA(Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)、Tsuyoshi TSUDA(Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)、Atsushi OGAHARA(Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)