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Technical Review e-Book: Summary

Enhancement of Power Transmission Efficiency in Metal Pushing V-belt CVT with Multi-V-surface Pulley and Modified-pitch Belt

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.31 No.2


To date, slips in the interior of the belt and pulley misalignment have been allowed as phenomena inherent to the mechanism of metal pushing V-belt CVTs. The research discussed in this paper reduced loss, which had conventionally been allowed, for the first time ever in order to further increase efficiency. A slip in the interior of the belt is generated by a differential between the belt pitch radius and the ring winding radius when the belt is wrapped around the pulleys. Slippage between the elements and the rings was reduced by reducing this radius differential. In addition, changing the shape of the pulley V-surface from 11 deg to 9 deg and adopting a curved multi-V-surface shape made it possible to reduce the tensile force of the rings and thus reduce the contact load in the sliding sections. Furthermore, the developed pulley-belt mechanism reduces the stroke differential between the drive and driven pulleys when shifting and controls the occurrence of misalignment irrespective of the speed ratio. This has increased power transmission efficiency by a maximum of 2.4% and by 0.9% averaged over the speed ratio width.


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Author (organization or company)

Soichiro SUMIDA(Automobile Center)、Tooru YAGASAKI(Automobile Center)、Ryota AOKI(Automobile Center)、Hikaru ASAI(Automobile Center)

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