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Styling Design of CBR250RR

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.29 No.2


The CBR250RR had been developed as a new 250 cc super sports model. This model targeted Indonesia where the motorcycle market of 250 cc or larger engine displacement models is being activated, as well as Japan where 250 cc motorcycle category has been established and matured. In designing this model, the basic concept was set as “Attractive styling,” “Attractive equipment” and “Attractive performance,” which are realized by its feel of presence, design and equipment that do not look inferior compared to larger motorcycles. Under this concept, we set the keyword “Speed Shape” to the designing of its styling. In order to realize that, the design team and the vehicle development team repeatedly studied from the early stage of development, and we designed it starting with the layout of the basic skeleton. In addition, this “attractiveness” was defined as the foundation of the concept in coloring as well, and five types of color lineup were prepared individuality responding to a variety of customers’ preferences. Through these styling designs and coloring we achieved the desired design goal of “attractive styling.”

Author (organization or company)

Kenji TAMURA(Motorcycle R&D Center)、Takeshi FUTAMATA(Motorcycle R&D Center)、Hiroyuki MIYAZAKI(Motorcycle R&D Center)、Mai NISHIMURA(Motorcycle R&D Center)

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