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Technical Review e-Book: Summary

Establishment of NV Design Technology for Power Transfer Unit Gear Noise

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.28 No.2


Prediction technology for NV performance of power transfer units installed in four-wheel-drive vehicles was established at the drawing stage.
A finite element analysis model was created for predicting gear noise generated by the mesh of hypoid gears built into power transfer units. A model of hypoid gears that are a source vibration was created by combining hexahedral elements and shell elements in order to compensate for the mass of the gear teeth and the inertia around the rotating axis. The model of the hypoid gear mesh employed a quintuple-node model that takes tooth rigidity into consideration. This approach achieved a peak frequency gap between prediction and measurement within ±5% and peak level gap within ±2 dB in the 400–1600 Hz frequency range.
The predictive accuracy and time required for calculation are sufficient to make it possible to examine specifications in the early development stages.


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Author (organization or company)

Takuya NISHIKOJI(Automobile R&D Center)、Kazuhiro SAITOU(Automobile R&D Center)、Yoshimi HIRANO(Automobile R&D Center)

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