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Introduction of Micro-combined Heat and Power Generation Unit with Backup Function

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.21 No.2


A micro-combined heat and power generation (micro-cogeneration) unit which can be used as a backup power generator in an emergency has been developed. A battery, DC-DC converter unit, and inverter unit were newly developed to enable autonomous operation of the generator. The DC-DC converter unit converts power from the battery when backup operation commences, and supplies power to the starter. It also applies charging control to extend battery life. In addition, the inverter unit is the same size as the model currently on the market, which does not have a backup power function, but it incorporates both grid-connected and backup generation functions. Output power as an emergency generator during backup operation has been increased 1.5 times against the previous model. The realization of hybrid power generation through the use of battery assist has reduced voltage sag when an electrical load is connected, and thus, the amount of usable electric load and types increased.


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Author (organization or company)

Hiroyuki EGUCHI(Power Products R&D Center)、Shunichiro SUEYOSHI(Power Products R&D Center)、Takeshi YAMAJI(Power Products R&D Center)、Takayuki ENOMOTO(Power Products R&D Center)、Koichi TSUNO(汎用R&Dセンター)

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