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Technical Review e-Book: Summary

Development of Midrange Outboard Motor BF60 with Equipment for User Comfort

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.23 No.2


Midrange outboard motors are installed on a variety of different boat types and used for a range of different applications, and customer demands are diverse. The newly developed midrange outboard motor BF60 was given a top speed 8.6% greater than outboard motors of the same class by increasing the engine power output and reducing the drag of the underwater portion of the motor. Fuel economy was also enhanced by 13% by expanding the range of situations where lean-burn control operates. Handling was also enhanced by devising the first wide-angle steering system for a midrange outboard motor, and the product was made highly convenient by incorporating such technologies as the newly configured multi-functional tiller handle with enhanced operability, the configuration with added Power Thrust gear case that yields higher thrust force, and the expanded range of options for attaching outboard motor gauges by complying with the NMEA 2000 standards. The adoption of the Wedge Shape form also gave material form to the concept of beautility, which is a theme common to Honda power products design.


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Author (organization or company)

Mitsuharu TANAKA(Power Products R&D Center)、Norikazu SHIMIZU(Power Products R&D Center)、Hiroshi YAMAMOTO(Power Products R&D Center)、Shigekazu SAKATA(Power Products R&D Center)、Koji YASUDA(Power Products R&D Center)、Masahiko YAMAGISHI(Power Products R&D Center)

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