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Development of Flexible-Fuel Motorcycle

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.21 No.2


A flexible-fuel motorcycle (FFM), able to be operated using gasoline, ethanol, or any mixture of the two, has been developed in order to respond to the needs of the Brazilian market. Four-wheeled flexible-fuel vehicles (FFVs) are generally provided with gasoline sub-tanks and fuel injection systems to supply gasoline to enable engine start at low temperatures, but fitting this type of additional equipment in a small motorcycle represents a challenge. This was an issue in the development of the new motorcycle. The use of a control logic that judges the ethanol concentration range of the fuel and an indicator that recommends supply of gasoline when the concentration range is not optimal for low-temperature engine starts in the Mix Fuel Injection System, developed for the new motorcycle, has enabled the realization of a simple system configuration that does away with the gasoline sub-tank. In addition, fuel system components were developed considering the characteristics of ethanol.


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Author (organization or company)

Shiro KOKUBU(Motorcycle R&D Center)、Atsushi ITO(Motorcycle R&D Center)、Hiroshi YAMADA(Motorcycle R&D Center)、Hideya HORIE(Motorcycle R&D Center)、Toshiyuki KUBOTA(Motorcycle R&D Center)、Yoichi TAKAHASHI(Motorcycle R&D Center)

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