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Development of New H2 Refueling Method for FCV to Reduce Refueling Time

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.27 No.2


A new refueling method was developed to shorten the hydrogen refueling time of FCV. The conventional method determined the pressure ramp rate according to the ambient temperature, and the temperature to which the supplied hydrogen is precooled to prevent overheating when refueling did not influence the pressure ramp rate. The new method added real-time control of the pressure ramp rate according to the precooled hydrogen temperature. Consideration was also given to compatibility, so the only changes to the hydrogen refueling station side were the addition of a temperature sensor and software changes, and no changes to the control and hardware on the vehicle side are needed. Under the conditions above, vehicle tests were performed with the cooperation of General Motors and Mercedes-Benz, with the result that the new refueling method enabled shortening of the refueling time in the summer by 30% or more compared to the conventional method and without lowering the precooled hydrogen temperature. This enables refueling in less than four minutes in most cases year-round in the Los Angeles district, United States. In addition, a State of Charge equivalent to that of the conventional method was also secured.


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Author (organization or company)

Kiyoshi HANDA(Automobile R&D Center)、Steve MATHISON(HONDA R&D AMERICAS, INC.)

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