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Development of High Reliability Control Software for HF120 Turbofan Engine

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.26 No.2


When developing application software for an aircraft engine electronic control system, the development process is required to comply with DO-178B, one of the guidelines issued by the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics. All activities to be conducted during software development should be defined by each development organization, and Honda developed the software based on the process defined by Honda.
The application software was developed separately during the design phase consisting of requirement definition, software design and software implementation. The verification phase consisted of review, testing and analysis. In addition, Honda established the development system for the project tailored for the joint development between Japan, USA and Mexico with international time differences. Documents and design data could be shared and managed while maintaining the integrity within the development system for this project.
As a result, Honda established a highly reliable software development process for the HF120 turbofan engine control system in compliance with DO-178B. Jointly with General Electric Company, Honda obtained Type Certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration for the HF120 turbofan engine, including the engine control system software.


(1) DO-178B, Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, RTCA, Incorporated. (1992)

Author (organization or company)

Makoto TEZUKA(Aircraft Engine R&D Center)、Shohei SUGIMOTO(Aircraft Engine R&D Center)、Keisuke KAWAI(Aircraft Engine R&D Center)、Hideaki JINNO(Aircraft Engine R&D Center)、Yuta AKAI(Aircraft Engine R&D Center)

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