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Aerodynamic Technologies for High-efficiency and High Specific-flow-rate Fan and Centrifugal Compressor

Article of Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.26 No.2


This paper describes the development of aerodynamic technologies for a high-efficiency and high specific-flow-rate fan and centrifugal compressor during the preceding research for the HF120 turbofan engine in order to achieve low specific fuel consumption and high thrust-weight ratio.
For the fan, a swept fan blade design was selected to decrease the pressure loss from shock waves. Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis provided an estimate of the decreased pressure loss from shock waves at swept fan leading edge and flow passage, and the efficiency enhancement throughout the span. Small-scale rig testing indicated that the newly designed fan improves efficiency by 1.5% or more and inlet specific flow rate by 2% in comparison with the fan of the HF118 turbofan engine, in three typical operating conditions: takeoff, climb and cruise.
For the centrifugal compressor with increased aerodynamic loading from higher exit specific flow rate, a new blade configuration was designed to raise aerodynamic loading at the forward area of the blade where the boundary layer is thinner, followed by a confirmation of high efficiency via Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis. Small-scale rig testing indicated enhancement of exit specific flow rate by 7% and efficiency by 0.8% in cruise condition in comparison with the centrifugal compressor of the HF118 turbofan engine. The aerodynamic technologies described in this paper have been incorporated into the fan and centrifugal compressor of the HF120 turbofan engine.


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Author (organization or company)

Hisato TANAKA(Aircraft Engine R&D Center)、Mineyasu OANA(Aircraft Engine R&D Center)

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