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Technical Review e-Book News Release

Oct 10, 2017

Technical Review Vol.29 No.2 has been released.

Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.29 No.2

◆Introduction of new technologies
-Styling Design of CBR250RR
-Development of New 3.5 L V6 Turbocharged Gasoline Engine for New NSX
-New CVT for 2018 Model Year N-BOX
-Design of Safety Factor for Slip of Half-toroidal Variator by Dynamic Behavior Analysis
-Development of All-in-one Smart Hydrogen Station
-Development of New FC Separator for CLARITY FUEL CELL
-Technologies for Low Iron-loss in New SPORT HYBRID i-DCD Motor
-Estimation of Probability Distribution of Li-ion Battery Performance for Electrically-propelled Vehicles
-Aerodynamics Development for Bonneville Race Car Using Fluid Simulation
-Intelligent System Using Beacon Model for Autonomous Wheelchair
-Study of Optimal Operation Control for Robotic Lawnmower
-Development of Surface Treatment Composed of Chemical Conversion Treatment and Paint Coating for Black Bolts Used in Motorcycles
-Development of Direct Three-dimensional Shape Forming Technology of CFRTP by Film Stacking Method

◆Technical papers
-Establishment and Experimental Demonstration of Distant Speech Recognition System for Communication Robot
-Lap Time Simulation Technology for Performance Design during Production Car Development
-Construction of Model to Predict Wear Amount on Exhaust Valve Seats for Gasoline Engines
-Enhancement of Accuracy of Tire Wear Prediction Method by Reflection of Material Temperature Characteristics
-Study of Curing Behavior of Urethane Clear for Short Baking

Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.29 No.2