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Technical Review e-Book News Release

Mar 28, 2017

Technical Review Vol.29 No.1 has been released.

Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.29 No.1

◆Introduction of new technologies
-Development of New 1.0 L I3 Gasoline Direct Injection Turbocharged Downsizing Engine
-Vehicle Dynamics Performance Enhancing Technology for New CIVIC
-Aerodynamic Development for High-speed Stability in New CIVIC
-Advanced Technology for Interior Vibration Reduction for New CIVIC
-Advanced Technology for Road Noise Reduction for New CIVIC
-Vehicle Dynamics Performance of CLARITY FUEL CELL
-Large-sized and Lightweight Aluminum Hollow Diecast Subframe Using High Pressure Diecasting
-Development of Chassis Performance Design Technologies for MBD of Mass-production Vehicles
-Broadly-applicable Adaptive Damper System without Use of Dedicated Sensors
-Longitudinal 9-speed Dual Clutch Transmission for 2nd-generation NSX
-Development of Sports Car Sound for Hybrid Super Sports Cars
-Materials Research Method using Smart Materials Informatics
-Efficient Vehicle-level Coordination in Functional Safety Process for a Whole Vehicle
-Proposal of Development Process Using DSM and Simulation
-Design Philosophy of Honda WANDER STAND CONCEPT
-Design Philosophy of Honda WANDER WALKER CONCEPT
-Honda Smart Home System Experiment Results

◆Technical papers
-Establishment of Prediction Method for Fatigue Durability Applied for Exhaust System in Motorcycle by Coupled Simulation of Vibrating Stress and Thermal Stress
-Development of Method of Prediction of Lifespan of Rubber Tubes in Oscillation-absorbing Sections of Automotive Engines in Extremely Low-temperature Environments
-Non-linear CAE Technology to Balance Handling and Ride Comfort
-Downsizing Technology for Chassis Parts Fastening Structure
-Image Sensor Based V2V Optical Wireless Communication System
-Vehicle Performance Design System Using Data Mining Techniques towards Model-based Development
-Strength Design Method of Metallic Separator for Fuel Cell
-Detailed Structural Analysis of Pd Particles through Use of XAFS and STEM-EELS in Tandem
-Research on Skutterudite-type Thermoelectric Materials for On-board Waste Heat Recovery System

Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.29 No.1