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ISSN 2187-381X

Technical Review e-Book News Release

Oct 01, 2015

Technical Review Vol.27 No.2 has been released.

Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.27 No.2

◆Introduction of new technologies
-Technology for Realization of Gasoline Engine Brake Thermal Efficiency of 45%
-Downsizing as Evolution of High Thermal Efficiency Gasoline Engine
-Development of New 1.6 L 2-stage Turbocharged Diesel Engine for Honda CR-V
-Emission Reduction Technology Using Secondary Air for Generator Engine
-Development of Transmission-mounted Transmission Control Unit
-Development of New H2 Refueling Method for FCV to Reduce Refueling Time
-Establishment of Metal Die Fabrication Method with Short Production Work Hours by Implementing Technology of Liquid Metal Forging for Cast Iron

◆Technical papers
-Optimization of Combustion Chamber Shape in High-efficiency Stoichiometric Combustion Gasoline Engine
-Intake Design for Reduction of Duration of Combustion
-Study of Spray and Combustion Using Fast Response Common Rail Injector with Micro Orifice Nozzle
-Estimation Technology Establishment for Temperature Distributions of Engine Based on Thermal Balance under Vehicle Running Conditions
-Technology for Prediction of Housing Wear due to Outer Ring Creep under Bearing Load
-Simulation of Adhesively Bonded Parts for Multi-Material Bonding Structure
-Development of Paint and Painting Method for Magnetically Formed Decorative Painting with Enhanced Three Dimensionality

Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.27 No.2