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Technical Review e-Book News Release

Mar 30, 2015

Technical Review Vol.27 No.1 has been released.

Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.27 No.1

◆Introduction of new technologies
-Concept and Styling Design of the NM4
-Defining the Identities of Motorcycle Model Lineages by Converging, Inheriting and Enhancing the Vehicle Frontal Styling
-Styling Design of New Crossover VEZEL
-Development of Inverter Generator Equipped with Fuel Injection Engine
-Development of High-Efficiency Water Pump Using CFD Simulation
-Development of UNI-CUB
-Vibration Reduction of Two Motors of Rear Wheel Drive for SPORT HYBRID SH-AWD
-Extension of Drive Recorder Function of In-vehicle ECU and Record Information Collection Technique
-Development of Headlight System with Cost Advantageous Design Using Light Emitting Diodes
-Development of ACG Using Regulator Rectifier with Phase Control
-Actual Proof Experiment of Electric Wheelchair “Monpal” for Enhancing Elderly QOL

◆Technical papers
-Research of the Technology for Reducing the Load of Yarding
-Particles Wear-Out Behavior of Reciprocating Engine Crankshaft During the Initial Running-in Operation
-Synthesis of Facet-controlled PtNi Nanoparticles and Evaluation of Performance in PEM Fuel Cell
-In-plane Visualization of Oxygen Partial Pressure Distribution on Cathode Side during Fuel Cell Operation
-Prediction Method for Vibration Transmission of Hydraulic Engine Mount
-A Fundamental Study of Tool Embodiment for Human Dynamic Analysis Relating to Handling and Stability of Driving

Honda R&D Technical Review Vol.27 No.1