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Technical Review e-Book: New membership registration

Before membership registration, please agree with the following terms and conditions.

Honda R&D Technical Review e-Book Membership Agreement

Article 1. Scope of the Agreement

This Agreement provides the terms and conditions for use of the Honda R&D Technical Review e-Book website (hereinafter, the “website”) operated by Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

Article 2. Membership

  1. A member is a person who has accepted this Agreement, completed registration, and received a member ID.
  2. A member may read the articles provided on the website and download PDF files of the articles.
  3. Member registration and use of the website are free of charge. Any expenses for the communication line required for using the website are borne by the users.
  4. Even after completing member registration, membership may not be granted to any applicants deemed by Honda R&D as being inappropriate as members.

Article 3. Registration of personal information

Membership applicants must provide accurate information for all sections required for member registration.
Any change to the registered information must be made promptly through the specified procedures.

Article 4. Handling of personal information

Personal information is handled according to Honda R&D Privacy Policy. See “Privacy Policy” for details.

Article 5. Duties of members

<Control of member ID and password>

  1. Members are solely responsible for the control and use of their member IDs and passwords registered on the website. Honda R&D is not liable for member IDs and passwords.
  2. Member IDs and passwords may not be transferred, sold, lent, or otherwise released to a third party.

<Prohibited acts of members>

  1. Using the services or information provided on the website, for commercial purposes, without the approval of Honda R&D in advance
  2. Providing false information for member registration
  3. Inhibiting operation of the service, or other action that may inhibit the service
  4. Reproducing or publishing the publications provided on the website, or the public transmission thereof beyond the scope of personal use (including the act of making the publications available for automatic public transmission)
  5. Improper use of a user ID and password
  6. Violating the trademark, copyright, privacy, and other rights of another user, a third party or Honda R&D, or causing or acting in a way that may cause others inconvenience, disadvantage, or damage
  7. Searching and downloading a large amount of data using a machine 
  8. Acting against or acting in a way that may violate public policy or applicable laws and regulations
  9. Forging information about the website or service, or information provided through the service
  10. Sending or creating a harmful computer program
  11. Acting in other ways considered inappropriate for operation of the service by Honda R&D

Article 6. Membership approval

<Suspension or cancellation of membership>

Honda R&D may suspend the service to, or cancel the membership of a member deemed as being inappropriate by Honda R&D for such reasons as any violation of the Agreement, without giving prior notice to the member.

<Suspension or termination of the service>

Honda R&D may suspend or terminate part or all of the service without giving prior notice to, or obtaining the approval of members in any of the following cases:

  1. If necessary for periodic or emergency system maintenance 
  2. If system operation becomes difficult due to a fire, blackout, interruption caused by a third party, or other reason
  3. If the service cannot be provided due to a natural disaster
  4. If continuation of the service is considered difficult by Honda R&D due to other contingencies  

<Termination of operation>

Acknowledge in advance that Honda R&D may terminate the operation of the website after a certain period of advance notice.

<Changes to the Agreement>

Honda R&D may make changes to the Agreement without the consent of the members.
Honda R&D shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage caused to the members as a result of the stipulation described above.

Article 7. Non-guarantee of information in the papers

The information contained in the papers provided on the website may become incomplete or inaccurate due to such causes as the passage of time.
Honda R&D shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage caused to the members as a result of the situation described above.

Article 8. Other

Any dispute arising between Honda R&D and the members in connection with use of the website shall be resolved by both parties in good faith.

Enforced: March 2012
Revised: January 2013

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